Seminář Multinationals vs Mother Nature?... 24.11.2022 v Brně

A unique spatially fine-grained panel of multinational companies' activities in Africa is used to quantify their impact on the environment. The results show that an exogenous expansion of multinational firm activity causes severe losses of forest cover, degraded biodiversity and an increase in air pollution. Further, we find that the environmental degradation is not caused by economic activity in general, but specifically by the activity of multinational firms, mainly from the primary sector. This finding could hardly be more striking: For a fixed amount of economic activity, the firm structure matters heavily, as having more multinational rather than local firms results in more severe environmental degradation.

Vystoupí: Dominic Rohner, Professor of Political and Institutional Economics at HEC Lausanne, University of Lausanne

Místo konání: Ekonomicko-správní fakulta Masarykovy univerzity

Brno, Lipová 41a, místnost P103.

Moderátor: Daniel Němec

pozvanka_CSE_221124_plakatek.pdf (10.11.2022)